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From the Stacks

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Project Roll-out Plan

From the Stacks was intended to be used by Gottesman Library to reach out to TC students with helpful tips, videos, and light-hearted moments of fun to help all students beginning the dissertation process or interested in pursuing a doctorate. Our vision is to have our videos and posts shared by Gottesman Library in their newsletter and on their social media pages. We hope to create conversation both on the social media pages and directly on the Pressible site.

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Our posts and videos would ideally be individually highlighted on a weekly basis. We also think these posts could work as a mini-series showcased by the library. This would work particularly well as a 4-week mini-series highlighting each of our interviews. The newsletter and social media postings would also have a link to our blog so that students can receive the information provided year round.

In addition, we hope to provide this resource to other areas of TC that might be interested, such as the ODS or Writing Center. In fact, Russell Gulizia has already asked if he could incorporate his interview video and blog post onto his personal website and distribute it to students, of course citing our page.

We hope this online learning resource teaches doctoral students, and those interested in pursuing one in the future, some elements of the process at TC they had not previously known and some characteristics of dissertation writing in general, both the difficult and the exciting.