To Pay or Not to Pay?

| December 12, 2016

Not too many people are aware of this, but many doctoral students find themselves paying to have a professional edit their dissertation. Some people on campus will wholey recommend this and tell anyone who asks to use a professional. However there is another large group who will tell you to just edit your dissertation yourself and get others to look it over for free, such a friends and professors who will let you. Here are some of the main pros and cons we have found when it comes to hiring a professional editor:


  1. This person’s job is to help you succeed. You are able to work with a professional whose going to continue working with you until your dissertation is accepted.
  2. Many editors will continue to work with you until your dissertation is done. They may even offer some free revisions depending on how often you use their services.
  3. If you ask the dissertation sectretary for a recommendation, the editor will already know TC’s guidelines and be able to help you more efficiently in your dissertation.


  1. Professional editors can cost over a thousand dollars and may not always be able to best help you.
  2. You may not always be able to get in touch with your editor, as most communication is done via emails or calls.
  3. An editor doesn’t know you as well as friends and old professors. In order to get through needed edits, you might need to have someone who is more accessible, for example able to sit and talkĀ in person.


  • Discussion with Ph.D graduates