Need a Doctoral Checklist?

| December 14, 2016

Unsure of what you still have to do? Not even sure where to begin now that you’re a doctoral student? Finishing your thesis and thinking “I could totally do a dissertation”? Check out our checklist below of what doctoral students have to do to get their dissertation done!

  • Review dissertation guidelines
  • Check in with the Office of Doctoral Students as well as your Faculty Advisor
  • Complete and send in your Dissertation Proposal
  • Present and pass a Proposal Hearing to begin writing
  • Begin designing your research
  • Create a committee of faculty members, trusted colleagues, peers, and so on that you can get feedback from
  • Implement your research to gather data
  • Organize your data and begin writing
  • Continue editing and getting feedback on your dissertation
  • Seek out the Dissertation Secretary as they must approve of your dissertation
  • Complete an Intent to Defend once you finish writing the actual dissertation itself
  • Continue getting help from the committee you made as you prepare your work for the committee you must defend your work to
  • Defend your dissertation!
  • Go through any edits that have to be made until your dissertation is fully approved
  • Thank the faculty who approved your dissertation and everyone else who helped make it possible
  • Throw yourself a party!